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My Story

Most bios are written in '3rd person', creating bloated images of incredible accomplishments. A share of bios like that are out there for me. Here, I decided to take a '1st person' approach to briefly telling my story.

I grew up in middle-class suburbia the youngest of 3 kids with extraordinarily loving parents. We were of Italian Catholic decent (if you cut me, I bleed olive oil). I started my first business in 7th grade. I bought candy in bulk and sold in in pieces in my French class. It was quite profitable. I miss that business.

I started getting my first pay check at age 14. I've been working enthusiastically ever since.

When I was in High School I accomplished some impressive things. I was a 5-time NJ State and 2-time AAU National Karate Champion. I also in many respects took the road less traveled. Moto-Cross. Auto-mechanics. I liked taking things apart and fixing them. A pivotal moment for me was senior year when I decided (with the coaches urging) to wrestle. I hurt my neck badly one day in practice. The medical doctor gave me pain-killers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories. The drugs didn't work and made me a bit ill. My mom brought me to a chiropractor. After the first adjustment, I was 90% better. When he explained to me the principle of chiropractic, the lights came on and my path was set. I decided that day that that was what I was going to do.

My parents didn't have the means to send me to private colleges or universities, so I worked full-time and went to a local state college. From there, I went to chiropractic school in Atlanta. I worked full-time there also... and loved every minute of it. Production and value-creation have always been 2 of my personal core values, even before I knew what a core value was. I also worked occasionally as a print model and did some TV commercials. Still have my SAG card to this day.

Shortly after graduation, I started a practice. With a partner, I started a seminar business where we trained students and new grads how to pass their state and national boards. It was quite successful. The story is too long, but I also ended up on the Regis Philbin show and did a short stint on a Soap Opera. Then I got hit by a truck while riding my bicycle in New York City. Head injury. Broken leg. I was depressed for a little while. But life is funny like that. The biggest challenges very often turn out to be complete blessings.

I was off track when I got hit by the truck. I lost my purpose. When I was laid up, I started to read things that led me to the study of philosophy. I moved out of New York City, started a new practice in my home town in New Jersey and thus started the true first act of my career.

Currently, I am in the 3rd Act of my career... and I have more detail about this on this site in the "My Business" section. I went from a practitioner. To a diagnostic technology developer/patent holder to a corporate CEO and operator. And now I am in Act 3 subsequent to the sale of my business, I head my holding company - Action Potential Holdings, Inc.

I am married to my soul-mate, Laurie. I have 3 amazing kids. I have brilliant, daring, and extraordinary friends. I travel the world in an adventurous way. I love my life.

So, that's my story.

My Family

I am a family-centered entrepreneur. I wish I could say this was always the case. There were years of travel and long hours at the office.

I had to shift my whole context. So, please meet my family! My wife Laurie and 3 kids, Connor, Antoinette, and Hudson (oldest to youngest).

My wife/soul-mate Laurie. Through intention, we have a legendary romance.